Wholesale Policies

Product Styles

The Leaf, Blossom, Organic, and Cascade Collections are all available for wholesale. At this time, other products are not quite ready for the big time. Please visit the Choices page to see the many options to make each piece special.

Order Minimum 

A minimum of $150 for your first order is required, but can vary as you need or like after that. A deposit may be necessary at the time the order is placed based on order volume and specifics. Terms may be extended with an established order history.

Time Line

I handcraft all items to order, so the time from order to shipping can be around 4 – 6 weeks, though it will likely be quicker. I will keep you informed along the way to provide a more accurate schedule for when you can expect your pieces. Once your order has shipped, it may take about a week for it to arrive. I include a tracking number on all standard shipments. Faster shipping options are available.

Shipping Cost

Depending on the size and number of the items ordered, shipping will cost between $8 and $25. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer and are added to your bill at the time the order is received. I do my best to package all orders for economy and speed.



I accept payment from established retailers via PayPal or by credit card with a 3.5% fee added to order totals for these payments. Checks may be accepted on a case-by-case basis and must clear through my bank before your order is shipped. Any duties or taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.